Horizon Center for Political Studies and Media Outreach is an independent Political Studies Organization. Among other activities, the Center provides specific political reporting services directed mainly but not only to diplomatic missions, international organizations and interested studies and research centers who monitor and follow on the situation in Palestine closely.

If you are interested in subscribing to any of these services, please find the relevant details below.

Daily Political Updates

A unique product covering all major political developments and security Incidents. This product is sent every morning but work to produce it starts at least days earlier. Through a solid network of contacts Horizon Center verifies the facts and real dynamics behind news and developments, provides comments and background information on most if not all news items. The product also detects daily trends informs of upcoming events while making sure that facts are checked with the news makers and not just media outlets. The product provides information that may or may not later appears in media outlets. Lastly, at least 30 diplomatic missions and international organizations have subscribed to his service and have expressed full satisfaction in terms of accuracy, precision and and coherence of this update. For samples on this product please see below.
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Whatsapp Group Breaking News Service

Among several other services Horizon Center provides a real time breaking news on political and security developments through a WhatsApp group. This includes providing almost real time updates on Palestinian leadership meetings, statements press conferences in addition to security Incidents. The breaking news updates are often accompanied by footage and videotapes including commentary notes to explain background. Unlike the Daily Updates which are sent in the morning hours, this service is provided 7 days a week btw 0800 -00:00 depending on developments.
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Political Consultancy Service

Horizon Center provides political consultancy services and specific topic tailored analytical updates. Based on vast relevant experience and a wide range of contacts across the Palestinian political spectrum including leadership, government, factions and civil society. This service is provided in a written format and or verbal briefings. This service is simply an eye opener on behind the scenes dynamics and relevant developments that serve to provide context, background and detect trends as they unfold.
For further details or information, please feel free to contact us at info@horizoncenter.ps or at Jawwal # 970 (0) 599-305-212 or at telephone: (02) 2 – 240 6383