Elections in the Shadow of Conflict

Elections in the shadow of conflict: International experiences and to which extent the Palestinians benefit from them

Horizon Center for political studies and Media Outreach in cooperation with al Marsad al Arabi for Elections and Wattan News Network held a round table discussion on Monday, December 14, 2020, tackling the topic of “Elections throughout the conflict and benefiting from international experiences”. Many representatives from different organizations took part in the discussion, which was recorded to be published later on.

The participants addressed many issues and needs such as the urgent need to hold elections on the earliest possible date without any excuses or postponement. Some participants stressed the necessity to highlight that citizens have the full right to experience voting and to have free choice of candidates who they believe will represent them in the coming future, as many claimed that this generation and the previous generation did not practice the right to vote. The Palestinians, despite the ongoing conflicts and despite the pressure of the occupation, are fully prepared to hold elections, there must be respect for the will of the people. Moreover, some participants called for the need to have a legislative council mentioning the huge impact of the absence of the Palestinian legislative council on the structure of the political system and the loss of oversight and accountability in which all of this surely will impact the democracy. The reality of division and the pressure of the occupation is pressing to go towards democratic elections.

On the other hand, another participant mentioned decision of the Constitutional Court for holding elections has passed 24 months on it without any actions, the participant claimed that there is no respect for the court’s decision. In addition to that, some colleagues asserted that the absence of elections enhances tribal power and reduces the power of the parties. Furthermore, the participants urge the need for the presidential decree and recall civil society and the Palestinian people to put pressure to the issue the presidential decree of a setting the date for the elections. last but not least, if there is a political will, it will be possible to hold elections.

You may watch the entire roundtable below.