Mission statement

Horizon Center is an independent strategic studies and media outreach organization dedicated to promoting peace, security, stability, economic prosperity, and human rights, including minority civic rights, for the Palestinian people. With insightful political reporting and analysis and periodic dialogue sessions, Horizon fosters thoughtful debate on a wide range of policy issues affecting Palestinian society. Horizon works to expand channels of dialogue between international stakeholders, including diplomats, journalists, and academics, and Palestinian officials, academics, journalists, grassroots organizations, and minority communities. Horizon promotes co-existence, mutual recognition, and respect between Palestinians, minority groups, and other international players in the region and beyond. The organization's experience in human rights and minority civic rights further underscores its commitment to fostering inclusivity, equity, and social justice within Palestinian society.


Spot Reports Production

Production and dissemination in real time of spot reports on breaking political, security and economic news in Palestine, with insightful analysis and commentary, accompanied by video footage as appropriate.

Daily and Weekly Summaries

Production and dissemination of daily and weekly summaries of Palestinian political, security and economic developments, highlighting trends and offering additional analysis, background and context.

Monthly Dialogues Hosting

Hosting of monthly dialogues between Palestinian policy makers and Palestinian academics and intellectuals, with the aim of generating creative policy solutions and promoting mutual understanding on a broad range of both domestic and foreign policy-related matters.

Periodic International Dialogues

Hosting of periodic dialogues between representatives of the international community and relevant Palestinian policy makers, academics and intellectuals, with the aim of encouraging deeper levels of mutual understanding, and possibly generating new approaches to old problems, through a frank exchange of views.

Our Vision

Horizon seeks to promote a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and to promote transparent and efficient Palestinian governance, by bridging gaps in understanding -both by offering opportunities for direct dialogue between Palestinian and international policy makers, academics and civil society activists; and by providing unbiased, timely and accurate reports on breaking political, economic and security news.